Join us for a fantastic puppet making workshop. We will have Darlene Thompson join us along with Joann Kieler. Both are experts in puppet making. Below you will see examples of the puppets you could be making as part of Darlene's group. She works with the older children. Joann will be working on project called Down at the Sea Hotel. Children will perform a small skit as part of this workshop. It is quite interactive and fun for all involved.

This is perfect for children 5 and older. The children will be split into two group based on age. One group will be ages 5-8 and the other group will consist of children ages 9 and older. Teens are welcome too, if they are interested.

If children are 5 or 6, a caregiver must stay and help their child but all adults are welcome to stay if they would like to help. This workshop is always tons of fun!

Registration is required (and helps us plan) by calling 724-238-6451 but registration does not open until June 1st.


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