The International Business Times described Chris Rodell as "a writer with the heart of a pound puppy and the brain of a free-range chicken. It's anyone's guess where it's headed  but you can't help but be charmed by all the playful commotion."

His new book is a satire of the Romeo & Juliet story with one whopper of a logistical catch. Instead of being wooed upon a remote balcony in italy, Elle is in Heaven while her Romeo is way down in Hell stuck with a really lousy roommate. For their love to flourish, she has to lower Heaven; he must raise Hell.

"Evan and Elle in Heaven & Hell" is about a pair of soulmates from ethereal realms where there are nothing but souls. The madcap love story is interspersed with heartfelt examples of forgiveness, redemption and an Afterlife so repetitively magnificent that inhabitants begin to pine for mortal grit.

The book challenges our Sunday School simplicities about right and wrong, good and evil and the Biblical real estate extremes where 83 percent of Americans believe our souls are bound to inhabit. Forever.