Introducing a brand new discussion group hosted by the Ligonier Valley Library

Great Decisions - a Foreign Policy discussion group

November's discussion will be: Global Minimum Tax Rate vs Tax Havens

Some of the questions that need to be answered are: why is there a need for such a coordinated global policy, how will it be implemented, who benefits, what are the drawbacks, are there any disincentives for not participating and how might they be enforced, is this a deviation of the liberal international trade regime, and others that you/we might be able to think of?  Obviously, the topic also lends itself to discussions of global trade and international economics so do not feel constrained to limit your thinking/participation to taxing solely.  

The discussion group meets on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 10:30am. The Great Decisions is America's largest discussion group on world affairs. Visit their website at to learn more. For 2021, the group meeting at Ligonier Valley Library will self-generate the topics and discussion materials. Materials for each discussion will be made available at the library and online. In January of 2022, the group will be begin following the program as laid out by the national group.

Registration is not required, but does help us with making sure we have enough room for everyone.

At this time, masks are recommended but not required please come prepared either way. Thank you!