Helen’s Troy

The Trojan war is mythic. Was there a real war on the shores of the Aegean Sea? Archaeologists have found evidence. Over time, the true battles, whatever they originally were, became woven with the stories of Gods into a tapestry so unforgettable, the phrase “Trojan horse” carries meaning even to this day. This masterful adaptation by Megan Wells has toured nationally to rave reviews. Bringing alive the great characters from Homer’s Iliad, Megan makes three dimensional the character of Helen of Troy – the face that launched a thousand ships …. in a ZOOM ROOM!

Registration is required. Register at wln.fyi/troy

Socrates Virtual Cafe

The Ligonier Valley Library will host an encore Socrates Virtual Cafe at a new time and with a new topic. Join us!

The cafe will be hosted in the library’s Zoom chat room on Thursday, July 23 at 7:00 PM. The discussion topic will be “Life & Life After COVID: a Socratic discussion of our changing norms in the time of/after COVID-19.”

Registration is required – join the discussion by registering @ https://bit.ly/lvl-svc-registration.

For more information on the café and upcoming gatherings (virtual or in-person), visit: https://www.ligonierlibrary.org/events-programs/socrates-cafe/.