Socrates Virtual Cafe

The virtual café, like the in-person version, brings together a group of diverse individuals to propose, explore, interrogate, investigate, and seek to persuade each other about questions generated by the group. However, instead of in-person, our virtual café is conducted in a Zoom chat room.

September’s topic is “Educational lessons learned from COVID-19.”

Members will meet in our Zoom chat room, starting at 6:30 pm.

Note: Whether in-person or online, a Socrates Cafe is not a debating society or a platform for proselytizing or sermonizing. The cafe emphasizes questioning, open-mindness, and challenging one’s own assumptions while listening to and respecting the views shared by others.

The facilitator will be Dighton Fiddner, Ph.D. (“Mac”), and his assistant, Trudy Brisendine. They promise to keep the group inquisitive and focused!

In order to protect everyone’s privacy, you must register to join the Socrates Virtual Cafe. The information to join the Zoom chat room will only be emailed to individuals who are registered. Please do so by noon on the day before the meeting.

Visit our website at for more details.