Safety Is No Accident…

When the histories are written about 2020, no doubt at least a few will start with some time-honored clichés. For example:

  • “As we wrapped our heads around this new normal…”
  • “It was a challenging time…”
  • “Uncertainty was an everyday discussion…”
  • “Because these concerns were unprecedented…”

As we learn more and adapt to our current circumstances, I’m optimistic that our storyline will trend in a positive and more certain direction. In the theme of the day, I’d like to update you on what we’re doing at the library to ensure everyone’s safety.

Even after “a dark and stormy night,” we arrive at the library early each morning to clean and prepare for the coming day. Library staff members sanitize computer keyboards, the circulation desk, and other patron-trafficked areas in the middle of the day to assure we are doing as much as we can to keep you safe. Additionally, our cleaning crew disinfects frequently used areas and provides a number of other cleaning services in the library each night.

“Out, da**ed spot! Out, I say!” Good thing our new hand-sanitizing stations are placed strategically throughout the library! Positioned near doors and the circulation desk for frequent use by library patrons and staff, a hand-sanitizing station will never be far from you. In addition, we’ve placed smaller bottles of hand sanitizer around the library for easy accessibility.

“He was locked in a dark room…but, he wondered, for how long?” Actually, not that long…72 hours is enough. Following the direction of several library and CDC studies which indicate that items quarantined for that amount of time are safe for circulation, our books, DVDs, and other library materials are quarantined for 72 hours before they are touched by staff or circulated to future library patrons.

“Was she wearing a mask to hide her true feelings?” You may not see it, but we are smiling behind our masks—and please know that we are just as helpful as before! We respectfully ask that all library patrons and staff wear masks while in the library building and patio areas. It’s just best practice for everyone right now, and we’ll all know that we’re doing what we personally can to protect our neighbors.

“My heart breaks… until the time we meet again…” Agreed; we miss you too! While our hours have changed a bit, we’ve built progressively up to a six-day open-to-the-public schedule. We’re sorry we can’t ask you to sit and stay for longer than sixty minutes, and our tables can’t be as full as we’d like, but we know you’ll understand that at some point, hopefully soon, “this too shall pass.”

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Look, if we had eggs, we’d index, catalog, and classify them, and get them out for you ASAP. In other words, we are eager to diversify our collection of materials to meet the needs and interests of all patrons, no matter the circumstances. We are full of new ideas! Coming soon, we’ll have additional digital offerings on our website and social media pages so that you can bring the quality content of our library into your computers, laptops, phones and tablets.

We look forward to seeing you soon and until then, stay well and “take it day by day!”

David Brisendine
Ligonier Valley Library