Thursday, July 22, 2021

Ligonier citizens along with Citizens to Preserve Ligonier Valley, have received a grant from the Pittsburgh Foundation to cover the cost of a three-year Ligonier Valley air quality program. This baseline study will be conducted with analysis by The Environmental Health Project (EHP) to benefit the health and welfare of the residents. Ligonier Valley is especially susceptible to air pollution due to its topography. Industrial activity in the region and surrounding areas could potentially exacerbate air pollution for residents and threaten tourism, our major attraction. This air quality study will provide residents, supervisors, and visitors with baseline information on local air quality by measuring both Particulate Matter (PM) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Ligonier Valley Library has three types of Air Monitors

1) PurpleAir Sensor- Fine Particulate Air Monitor

"These laser pollution sensors use laser particle counters that provide an accurate way to measure smoke, dust, and other particulate air pollution in real-time. The Purple Air records a range of particulate matter on a continuous basis throughout the monitoring period in µg/m3. This online data base and mapping tool is now available to Ligonier residents.'

Ligonier residents can now get real time and daily/weekly averages for Air Quality in Ligonier online by going to: Real-time air quality map | PurpleAir

Once you are on the PurpleAir website a map of your location will come up. If you are in Ligonier Valley the map will show ten PurpleAir monitors located throughout the Valley from Donegal to Wilpen. These sites include The Ligonier Valley Library, Powdermill Nature Reserve, the Compass Inn Museum along with Ligonier resident's homes. PurpleAir monitors are throughout the country and worldwide so if there is another location you would like to see air quality, go to the upper left-hand corner and input that location.

2) Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Air Monitor

The VOC AIR monitor tracks total Volatile Organic Compounds, equivalent CO2, temperature, and humidity. The monitor collects readings in parts per billion (ppb). VOC's are air pollutants that are released as gases into the air from certain solids or liquids and can be found in many products or industrial processes.

3) Indoor Speck Monitor

"The Speck Monitor is an indoor air monitor that measures the current concentration of fine particles in the air."