Let’s Book Returns

Lace up your walking shoes and join Ligonier Valley Library Staff as we renew our Let’s Book program this fall 2019!

Registration begins on Tuesday, September 10 and continues through the week or so – please allow a few minutes to fill out the form. Members will receive a packet that includes a schedule of the group walks plus this year’s fun reading/walking challenge.

Learn more on the Let’s Book website: https://www.ligonierlibrary.org/events-programs/letsbook/

(Dates and start times for the walk are on the website, more details are in the packet given at registration.)

This program is free, simple and fairly flexible – a few of the challenges do require participants to attend one or two of the group walks, but much of it can be done on your own, with friends and family, or us!

Share your love of walking and reading; encourage your family and friends to register!

#WalkHappy #ReadHappy #LetsBook