Library Dinosaur


Stegosaurus: Height 78", Length 108", Width 36", Weight without base 140 lbs.

Auction price: $4200

Sponsored by: Babcock Lumber Company

Charity Beneficiary: Family Resources Family Retreat Center of Pittsburgh

Materials: Stone dust, tar cloth and fiberglass.


About the Design: Dragging a dinosaur through time, artist Quentin Curry uses elements from the Renaissance, the Industrial Age, and contemporary times in his artwork. Pigment mixed with stone dust has roots in Renaissance painting. The tar cloth and fiberglass point to technological developments in building techniques. Finally, the language of digital imagery-lines and pixels-surfaces in "Pixelsaurus," one "neo-Jurassic" dinosaur.

Quentin Curry, Ligonier native and now a Manhattan-based artist, was asked to create a dinosaur for DinoMite™ Days, a fund-raising program for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. His entry was sponsored and underwritten by the Babcock Lumber Company of Pittsburgh which has a millwork operation in nearby Champion, Pa.

First creation: "Floor to Fauna" Put on display in Mellon Park on June 11, 2003. Destroyed by vandals on June 17, 2003.

The "Save the Dinosaur" campaign launched by Ligonier resident and businesswoman Marge Hermann raised $8,943 ($6,223 net) to fund a replacement dinosaur, christened Pixelsaurus.

"Friends of the Ligonier Valley Library", spearheaded by James L. Parker raised $5,145 to purchase Pixelsaurus at auction. Carnegie Museum, under the guidance of Billie R. DeWalt contributed $1,500 toward the purchase price from excess revenues raised by the separate "Save the Dinosaur" campaign.

Following is a list of contributors who made possible the purchase of Pixelsaurus and its donation to the Ligonier Valley Library: Mr. and Mrs. George Greer, Mr. and Mrs. Jules Labarthe, Elinor McLennan, Thomas Nimick, Mr. and Mrs. James Parker, Mrs. Kym Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Mason Reed, Robert Rost, Dorothy Sheahan, Mr. and Mrs. David Smith, Ann Sullivan, Tina Thoburn, and Margot Woodwell and two anonymous donors.