Save the Date:

July 2 - Meet at 10 am at Compass Inn for a Hike & Tour. Parking is available behind the Inn and overflow parking is available at Country Inn across the street.

July 9 - Ligonier Valley Trail

July 16 - TBA

We generally walk outside rain or shine. Call the library before 9:30 am to check on the status of the walk. If it is raining hard or storming, we will meet at the library and walk inside.

Let's Book Registration Form

Let's Book Fillable Registration Form

Walking and Reading Log

Track Your Walks:

Turn your smart phone into a pedometer! Check your app store today.

Free Pedometer App from BIDMD

RunKeeper and MapMyWalk are excellent apps and web sites. Download the app, and turn on your phone's GPS to literally map your walk.

Maps and guides:

Entire Ligonier Valley Trail - including the in-town portion (5.64 miles)

Spruce Flats Bog (PDF)

Laurel Summit State Park (PDF)

Google Maps -

Rose Stepnick crossing bridge on the LV Trail:

Antiochian Village:

Laurel Summit State Park:





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The challenge has begun! Join today....

Can't join the group walks? Not everyone can, but many of the places that Let's Book visits are open and free to the public. Grab your family or friends and start exploring. You can also turn Let's Book into a fun competition with your friends or co-workers to see who can read and walk (or run or hike) the most each week. Just remember to start the timer before you crack that book open or hit the pavement!

Exercise for the brain and the body

"Let's Book" is about encouraging participants to read and move every day for optimal health of the mind and body! Participants can set their own goals. They can walk or run and read at their own pace.

Join the Fun - Fill in a registration form and return it to the Ligonier Valley Library as soon as possible. Copies of the registration form are available on this web page and at the library.

The Goal - To read 100 minutes and to walk 100 minutes each week throughout the 10-week program. You will earn a t-shirt by accumulating 1,000 walking minutes plus 1,000 reading minutes.

The goal is easier to achieve than it might sound. If you spend 15 minutes a day walking and 15 minutes a day reading you will easily have 100 minutes of each per week. If that doesn't work, then try 20 minutes of each five days a week or one hour of each two days a week to reach the goal.

We encourage you to walk (or even run) at your own pace. You can enjoy a walk out of doors or on a treadmill or even with a walking DVD. (We have some great DVDs in our library's collection. Let us know if you need any assistance finding them or placing a reserve.) If you are not someone who enjoys walking alone, then join us for group walks on Thursday mornings or join a walking group. You can also use your walks as a great time to catch up with friends and family by inviting them to join you.

Exercise your mind with a good book or eBook. All fiction and non-fiction books and eBooks count whether they are the new best-sellers or old favorites. Even reading the newspaper or listening to audiobooks while you walk or drive counts as reading time! You can also count time spent reading to your kids.

Weekly Walks - Group walks will be held every Thursday morning. There will also be some special walks taking place over the 10-week program. We will post the location for each walk around the library, on our web page, our Facebook page and Twitter. You may also call the library at 724-238-6451.


"I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits unless I spend four hours a day at least - and it is commonly more than that - sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields absolutely free from all worldly engagements." Henry David Thoreau