Historic Photography Show 2014
"Faces of Ligonier: Veterans of World War I"
September 9 - November 18, 2014

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The Great War: The Incomprehensible?
November 4 at 7:00 pm

Observance of Armistice Day
November 12

The 2014 Historic Photography Show commemorates the Ligonier veterans of World War I and features a fantastic display of photos and memoribilia. This is also the 100th anniversary of World War I (1914-1918).

The exhibit is on display inside the Pennsylvania Room and in the hallway just outside the room. There is also a small display in the outside window case near the library’s main entrance.


November 4 at 7:00 pm - The Great War: The Incomprehensible?

An historian once wrote, "More trees have died to explain the Great War and its impact than any other event in history." Today, without killing any more trees, we will try to understand the origins and impact of the Great War. How, you may ask? Well, to accomplish this "simple" task, we will engage with the various arguments concerning the war, as well as the lively debate taking place in Europe today over its origins. As part of this discussion, we will examine how the war facilitated, as one historian called it, the West's "descent in barbarism" in the Second World War.

Intrigued? Join us on our quest to understand this cataclysmic event, an event that brought the modern world into existence.

Our speaker will be Dr. Anthony Novosel who is Professor of History at the University of Pittsburgh.

November 12 - Observance of Armistice Day

In observance of Armistice Day, the ending of The Great War in 1918 (now called Veteran's Day), there will be a reading of the names of Ligonier Valley men and women who served.

The mission of the Historic Photography Show (as well as the smaller shows held throughout the year) is to present a facet of Ligonier Valley history that is interesting, educational and may have been overlooked in the past. In addition, the photographs and documents copied become a permanent part of the Pennsylvania Room collection. This is an ideal manner of preserving our history and provides patrons with a strong base from which to conduct research.

Map from "Campaign Atlas to The Great War"

The Historic Photography Show is an exhibit put on by the Ligonier Valley Library’s Pennsylvania Room staff and volunteers. If you would like to be a volunteer, then please stop by the Pennsylvania Room and speak with a staff member.